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Leisure Lady Travel Agency is a premier service provider offering you leisure travel, destination weddings, family reunions and other meeting events. Our goal is to bring you the ultimate travel experience, making your events the success that you imagined, at an exceptional value.

Personal Service is what we do.

What Type of Traveler are You?

Anyone can travel. The question is, what 'type' of traveler are you? Leisure Lady Travel Agency has taken the liberty of helping our travelers answer that question. Below you will find two categories.... Independent Traveling and Guided Travel. Please read through both of the categories and decide which traveler "you" are. Not only will it help us to serve you in planning your next vacation, but it will help YOU THE TRAVELER in making sure you have the best traveling experience possible! After all it's your vacation!!!! Whether you are a single traveler or you are traveling with others, why not ensure the best vacationing experience you can BEFORE you depart?

Independent Traveler

Independent Traveling is just that. Being independent in the aspect of being able to get around, knowing about the ins and outs of traveling locally or abroad. You have a clear understanding of boarding airplanes, baggage check, customs, carry-ons.. window verses aisle seats. You are aware of cabs and cabfare, buses, trains, getting schedules to coincide with maybe a transfer or layover of some kind. You are confident about boarding a ship, ports, docking, excursions while cruising.. you are a confident traveler.

The independent traveler doesn't book a tour. "They" are their own tourguide... looking at their vacation as an "adventure". These travelers like to venture out and sightsee an old village, stop and watch pottery being made by the wayside, going to a "beach" party being held by the locals... all at their own leisure. Maybe come back to their hotel and lounge by their private pool. It's their vacation their way, all at their leisure.

While on vacation, these travelers know, things can sometimes happen that aren't what you might expect, but things DO happen. Being prepared for emergencies, or "what ifs" ... just in case. ... Independent travelers are prepared for the exepected!

Independent traveleing is being a "seasoned" traveler. They may have not only vacationed with others; they have vacationed alone or feel "seasoned" to travel alone. We do want to emphasize however, that Leisure Lady Travel Agency is always happy to assist our travelers whether they are an independent traveler or require a guide. Distinguishing what "kind" of traveler makes it easier to accommodate our traveler with their vacationing experience!

Guided Travel

Escorted travel is our most common guided-travel. Escorted travel is provided by a travel director who oversees the care of all services from beginning to end of your vacation. Escorted travel can include flights, hotels, transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. They can be fast-paced, with no more than 2 nights spent in each location, or more leisurely, with more time spent overnight at each locale. There will be an additional fee for these services added to your vacation package, if you select this type of guided travel.

Guidance Travel is somewhat similar to Escorted travel but passengers are greeted by a local representative rather than a Travel Director and will not be escorted to all activities and functions. Local guides will be available to answer questions through the duration of your travel. Some meals, accommodations and sightseeing may be included in your travel. This style is ideal for people who want some freedom but still have the comfort of a guide.There wil be an additional fee for these services added to your vacation package, if you select this option.

These two types of travel are available whether you are going on a cruise or traveling abroad with some friends. Some of us require assistance when we travel. Travelers may not be seasoned and require someone to show them the "ropes" so that they may enjoy their vacation experience while leaving the details up to someone else.

Leisure Lady Travel Agency provides these services for any of your vacations. If you require this assistance, or this is something that you would like to experience, please contact us at 877-90-LEISURE! We will be happy to accommodate your needs!!!

Do's and Don'ts

Leisure Lady Travel Agency wants to ensure their travelers have the best vacationing experience possible. We have provided some suggestions on what to do and not do while vacationing or planning your vacation.

We can't say enough about being careful on what you actually pack. Try to pack what you need, choosing a wardrobe that is interchangable.. even color-coordinated. Costume jewels are suggested. If you bring something expensive.. WEAR IT. Check your jewels in at the front desk of your hotel or cruiseline, to put in a "safe" and simply request it when needed. DON'T pack items that can easily be stolen. It's that simple.

Check your itineraries BEFORE you leave. If there is something you don't understand, get it clarified BEFORE you travel. All of the itineraries given by or from Leisure Lady Travel Agency will have instructions on what to do, where to board, what time, etc. If you have reserved tours, transportations, events or dining reservations, we will have special instructions for the travelers so they will see what is planned ahead of time. Does it work for the traveler? If yes, great! If not, we will work to get it right for our travelers BEFORE they depart! Any questions you may have will be answered ahead of time to ensure your fabulous vacationing experience with us!  All of our itineraries list whether amenities/transportation/tours, etc. have been PREPAID or are at the traveler's expense.

Everything is straight forward when you travel with Leisure Lady Travel Agency. We pride ourselves in putting our traveler's best interest first and practicing the "No Surprises" Theory. Our open line of communication with our travelers have made Leisure Lady Travel Agency the success it is today!

Do you have any dos and don't s you would like to add? Please call us at 877-90-LEISURE! We will be happy to assist you!

Experts Bio

I am an Agent of change. I believe that travel is empowering. It changes people, and people change our world. As a travel agent with more than 15 years of service, I create unique experiences designed around my clients dreams and desires.

I am a Master Travel Agent Specialist for the Islands of Hawaii. My many travels to Hawaii equip me with knowledge and connections in these magical destinations.

I am very proud to be Certified as a Master Agent Specialist by the Convention and Visitor Bureau of the Hawaiian Islands.


I am very proud to be Certified as a Master Agent Specialist by the Convention and Visitor Bureau of the Hawaiian Islands.

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